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At Inventologix we believe there is opportunity everywhere, you just need a little bit of guidance. You already have what it takes in you to be extremely successful, the only thing is you currently are unaware of how to use your talent, at Inventologix our role is to help you maximize your potential, for us your success is our success, the only aim at Inventologix is to make you successful. All we need is the madness in you to achieve the success and together we will travel the path that will lead to your success.

Why Choose Inventologix

  • Start your Career in Dubai
  • Kick Start your own business in Dubai
  • 100% ownership of business in UAE
  • 100% income tax exemption
  • No Minimum Capital required
  • Easy Bank account setup in UAE
  • Residence Visa for you & your family
  • NRI Tax free bank account in India
  • Driving License in UAE
  • Luxury Lifestyle
  • High Income / Unlimited Opportunities

What Inventologix does

  • Counselling & Seminars
  • Job profiling & CV updation
  • Interview Preparation for job
  • Grooming & Personality Development
  • Career Directions
  • Get a Job in Dubai
  • Start a Business in Dubai
  • Setup Branch office in Dubai
  • Training in Dubai / Accommodation / Transportation / Visa / License & Other facilities

How Inventologix will help you

  • We can help you settle in Dubai and enjoy its luxurious lifestyle and its unlimited opportunities for higher income.
  • Setting up a company in Dubai has never been easier.
  • Finding Job in Dubai has never been simpler.
  • We help you prepare and we help you establish yourself in Dubai.
  • Moving abroad has never been so affordable. We make it possible for you.

Why choose Dubai

Dubai Lifestyle

Dubai offers a lifestyle not seen anywhere else. The city offers a wide range of styles and preferences. It is also very well-equipped with world class quality products, infrastructure and a high class living standard.

Tax- Free Income

Saving your hard-earned money is always a priority. Dubai can oblige this aim, as it is known for its tax-free zone. In this zone, you do not need to pay wealth tax or corporate tax; there is even no tax on income too. With the money saved, you can budget more fun activities and treat yourself to luxuries you otherwise would go without.

Benefit of working to Dubai

High Income / Unlimited Opportunities. Earn in UAE currency AED (Emirate Dirham). 1 AED = 20 INR. Earn 20 times more what you earn in India and its Tax free in UAE and as well as in India.